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Accessible Housing

Our Vision: Everyone has a home and belongs in community.
Our Mission: We open doors to homes that are accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility.
Our Values:
Compassion: genuine caring that motivates our response to the needs of others.
Community: working together to create spaces of belonging.
Leadership: the capacity to transform vision into reality.
Empowerment: taking responsibility to see what is possible and make it happen.

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Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta Association (ACT) Alberta

ACT Alberta in Calgary brings together law enforcement, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to identify and respond to human trafficking. ACT Alberta addresses the needs of trafficked men, women and children and addresses both international and internal trafficking, for labour and sexual exploitation. ACT Alberta undertakes a variety of activities around research, education and training, advocacy, agency collaboration and victim assistance

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Aero Space Museum Association of Calgary

The Aero Space Museum of Calgary tells the stories of Western Canadian achievements in aviation and space. From the trailblazers who first dreamt of flying to the pioneers who developed flight for trade and recreation, the museum follows the evolution of flight in Canada. Discover the stories of the heroes who fought for Canada from the air and the adventurers who are daring to fly into outer space. Through exhibits and education, the Aero Space Museum of Calgary is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and achievements of aviation.

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Afrikadey! Arts & Culture Society

Afrikadey! shares the rich, creative work of African cultures, from this continent and throughout the diaspora, with Canadians of all ages and from all walks of life. We create and stage events that bring these artists' traditions to vibrant, joyous life for audiences who might not otherwise get to experience it all.

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Airdrie and District Victim Assistance

Airdrie and District Victim Assistance Society provides 24 hour, 7 days a week, crisis intervention to victims of crime and/or tragedy. The Society provides Court preparation, accompaniment and follow-up services. Information, support and referral are provided to victims of crime.

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