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Accessibility Renovations for Kids (ARK) Society

Website: Category: Disabilities Description: ARK – Accessible Renovations for Kids is a local non-profit that provides home renovations to families that have children with mobility challenges. Many children suffer from a variety of illnesses or injuries that affect their mobility and which makes daily life challenging for them and their families. The high cost of renovations or even smaller modifications to a home are quite often out of reach for a family and this is where ARK can help. Totally reliant on volunteers and the support of donors and sponsors, ARK is dedicated to easing the daily life of children with disabilities and reshaping their world.

Vision Statement
A community where no child has to unduly struggle with accessibility in their own home.

Mission Statement
To ease the daily life of children with mobility challenges by providing renovations or modifications to their family home.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

No active Volunteer Opportunities currently posted on our site, please contact the organization directly.